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Catiques jewelry and beaded flowers inspire curiosity and prominence, featuring finds from the earlier centuries
These architectural pieces are sure to honor individuality while remaining timeless

All pieces are one-of-a-kind created from vintage components


Catiques jewelry and hair accessories are one-of-a-kind pieces fashioned from vintage jewelry and findings.  

I have been a “bling picker” for years with regular sojourns to flea markets and antique malls and have acquired a vast supply of treasures.  I have always had an appreciation for those pieces missing stones, backing, and sometimes broken.   Old jewelry settings, pot metal pieces and findings speak to me.   I refer to these as “the deads,” since their original luster has been long lost and I love recreating them into something fresh and timeless.     

Beaded Flowers

Catiques Beaded Flowers is an exclusive line of one-of-a-kind beaded flowers using the French beaded flower technique. Custom designed bouquets/nose gays for weddings and the home are taken to a new level as they combine vintage beads as well as jewelry and millinery pieces. The beaded flowers are created with vintage and new French, Italian and Czechoslovakian glass beads with a mixture of color and texture that takes them to a new level. Time and effort is spent sourcing the beads, rhinestone pieces, vintage ribbon so it all has the right patina. They burst alive taking inspiration from Miriam Haskell and other designers from the last century. Boutonnières and hair accessories can also be created. These stunning flowers catch the light beautifully and are truly works of art that will last forever as a treasured keepsake for the bride, bridal party or home. A fresh approach to a lost art.

All bouquets are custom and require a 6-8 week schedule.